Our Everlasting legacy

Legacy, it can be defined as how we are remembered. It can be built on the relationships that we have formed throughout life, and how the things that we did shaped the lives of those around us. Mentors, teachers, and parents can help build many generations.

It is through God that we can find the ultimate definition of legacy. Jesus gave everything including his very life so that we might, find an everlasting hope. It is this exuding hope that can underscore the greatest possible way to live our lives. We can live our lives by term by our own wishes, goals, and agendas, or live a life that can lift the spirit of others. We can raise multiple generations through our very actions.

Throughout his life my father had many relationships. During the course of his life he was both humble and had an energy that was incredibly contagious. My father gave hope through the darkest times, and brought light to the lives of others through his everlasting sense of humor.

The hope that he shared with his family and friends is one way that we can truly define the meaning of legacy. He had many accolades, he was a boxing champ, an experienced teacher and mentor, and a truly fun-loving family man, husband, and father. He was a man that I looked up to on so many levels. Legacy can be defined through many ways, among others is how it can spread like a never ending flame.

Do we want to be remembered? Are the teachings and lessons that we share throughout our lives to be valued. Truly we can’t desire to build our foundation on a mountain that is made of fading sand. Truly as Proverbs 13:22 states, “ A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children.” Proverbs also states, that we are to train up a child so that they might know which direction they are to go in this life. Even when they are old they will know the direction that they are guided and will never depart from that direction. Our lives are shaped on who we want to be. Are we only focused horizontally where we are so focused on a given moment, that everything else fades to the passage of time, or do we look vertically, where what we do know rises towards the foundations that are shaped both in the now but also towards the days, months, and years ahead? Are we so focused on our own lives, that we only look at our individual lives, or do we pass a legacy that can grow long after we have passed into the next life. My father lived a life that brought joy to so many throughout his time and days on this earth. His legacy is one that can stand the passage of time. He faced different hardships through his life, but he carried a never say die attitude.

We can push ourselves to overcome different obstacles, as he did during his youth and his ultimate goal to become an incredible father and husband, and build foundations for his family and friends, so we might find a sense of hope that can stand the tests and struggles of time. He had a light that even now I do not see fading.

My sister has that same humor and energy that my dad possessed. She is incredibly creative and brings joy as my dad did to the people that she encounters.

My dad might have passed from this world but I take solace that his lessons and legacy are carried into the hearts and individuals that he deeply valued. In the video game series Kingdom Hearts there is a saying that goes beyond the worlds and quests within the game. That quote is, “ may our hearts be our guiding key”. It is through our souls and our spirits that we can form relationships that can carry through generation to generation. It is our spirit that is transforming us into people that can reach the highest peaks with the greatest value possible. John 14:17 states, “Even the Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive, because it neither sees him nor knows him. You know him, for he dwells with you and will be in you.” Our spirit is everlasting as the sun, it is through out spirit that we can have an energy that can carry us back from the darkest of paths, it is the light in both the day and the night. We can honor God by devoting our spirt and efforts in lifting joy in his name. My father gave me a gift that I value deeply that has led me to rejoicing the wonderous name of our lord. Our legacies are always changing, but it is through God that we have a constant source of strength that can never run out. Like my father we can build our lives on lifting the spirits of others and lead them to our heavenly father. We can do so much more than vie for personal gain, we can be a source of light in both this world and the next. It is through our God that we can accomplish an everlasting legacy, that can never fade from our hearts and minds.


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