Live your life by basking in God’s Glory.

Storms and challenges, can cause massive questions surrounding faith. We all have moments where we are down and out, begging for a guiding light. Restless nights cause us to need a sense of inner peace and renewal. In our everyday lives, we face challenges that are both big and small that can quickly cause us to question if our current situation is all that there is. It is in those times where we need a sense of restoration.

Our minds and souls need a chance of grasping and knowing that there is a way to feel the deepest sense of renewal. Jeremiah 17:14 states: “ Heal me, LORD, and I will be healed; save me and I will be saved, for you are the one I praise.” Truly in God there is a chance to reignite our minds, and gain an inner fire that can carry us through the most arduous of days. God is always with us and by seeking him and by knowing that in him there is peace, in him there is an inner strength, and in him there is glory.

God is our constant guide in the midst of the stormiest and darkest nights. Jesus gave himself so that we can find a sense of renewal, redemption, and restoration. In Jesus we can find an inner strength that can help us overcome the most arduous journey.

In Mark 24 it is stated that by calling on the name of the Lord that, “whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” Our passions, our goals, and our strength are incredible gifts that we can fully utilize to understand the life that God wants us to live. God wants us to believe in him, and have a true faith that is filled with the hottest fire. As believers we are a team, a community, a gathering, in a way we are athletes that are constantly redefining what it means to have a never say die attitude. In God we can find that meaning in its purest form.

God knows that there will be many times where we might feel out, and he knows that we might need the chance to look towards him in order to go further in our continuous walk of faith. It is through the Holy Spirit that is given to us through Jesus, where we can find a constant energy. During the course our lives we will have a great amount of hills, mountains, peaks and valleys. We will face several challenges, and face feelings of doubt, joy, shame, and pride. In God, we can find an energy that is brighter than the sun. When we gain an inner energy through God, we can ultimately gain the ability to push ahead . God will help us throughout all challenges when we diligently seek him.

In our journey of faith, we are given opportunities where we can be baptized by a deep fire of faith, and learn how much we can truly accomplish. It is when we look and meditate towards God that we are given a chance to know the true meaning of eternity. We will feel restored and know a new sense of being able to push further ahead. It is in God that we can excel and achieve.

In our lives God is our true constant, he is the light that shines on us on both the most beautiful and the rainiest of days. God is ever present, and will never abandon us. When we need assistance in our lives he is there, he is there for the good times, he is there for the bad times, and he is here to help us regain an inner energy that can shine on all of life’s situations.

By giving our lives to God, we are allowing ourselves a chance to find the purest restoration. In God we can shine brightly through the world’s up and downs.

We are strong when we are connected through God, as a church or as a community of believers, we can lean on one another when we need an extra boost to give us hope. We can serve and worship God in a constant sense of revival. By giving back to our community, and seeking God, we are letting others know that they too can know that there is a sense that all can be rebuilt.

Our lives are filled with purpose, and through God and our community of faith, we can find a sense that we can bring a never ending light to others. It is when are basking in God’s glory, that we can be the strongest that we can possibly be. We all have a chance to feel reawakened, that our energy levels can reach to the heavens, and that our faith is truly built on a firm foundation. God knows that our potential is truly limitless, and by knowing God, we can find an inner peace that can overcome all obstacles.


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